Flowers for Africa was founded in 1994 by Dean and Samantha Bramhall.

We live by the motto:  Whichever flowers you desire – we can get them for you. For over twenty years Flowers for Africa has taken great pride in sourcing and supplying the best quality fresh flowers from flower growing countries around the world for our clients – daily.

We supply fresh flowers to the flower trade, supermarkets, convenience stores and the hospitality industry. We also sell directly to the public at wholesale prices, from our warehouse in Retreat, Cape Town.

Flowers for Africa has developed excellent long-standing relationships with the best flower growers in the country and receive fresh flowers twice a day from Johannesburg. We buy from local growers and also source superb quality flowers from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia and Holland.

Dean Bramhall

Dean and Samantha started Flowers for Africa in 1994, travelling around selling mini-carnations from the boot of their car.  Today the company employs a staff of forty people – with the longest non-family employee having worked at the company for 22 years.  Flowers for Africa is a family business, built on quality and excellent service.  Dean says: “Our greatest achievement is growing a thriving business for over twenty years in a very exacting industry.  I am proud of making a difference to the retail industry – I saw the gap in the market for flowers at supermarkets after a trip to Europe and we have been supplying retailers since 1996.  Samantha and I are committed to leaving a legacy.”

Samantha Bramhall

Samantha worked for a florist when she first moved to South Africa.  As a result of seeing how excessively priced cut flowers were – and seeing the huge array of flowers that were at her grandfather’s wedding, Samantha and Dean saw a gap in the market for top quality flowers at a more reasonable price – and Flowers for Africa was born.  “The biggest hurdle we have ever had to leap, says Samantha, is the drought in Cape Town.  We are water warriors at Flowers for Africa – only using grey water and harvesting and reusing our flower water.  We make it a priority to source our flowers from growers in non-drought areas.”


Flowers for Africa is the supplier of choice for a diverse range of customers located throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries. Our clients range from regional wholesalers, nurseries, and florists to hawkers and vendors as well as funeral parlours, hotels, restaurants and event coordinators.

We deliver pre-ordered flowers daily.  In addition many of our customers choose to visit our warehouse to personally select from the large variety of fresh flowers received each morning.


Flowers for Africa supplies over 100 supermarkets which include Spar, Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay Express, 7-Eleven, Food Lovers Market, as well as many convenience stores and garages.

Flowers for Africa employees several dedicated staff members at the warehouse who make up bunches for each individual store.  Each bunch is pre-marked with care instructions and bar coded.

“Top quality flowers provided by customer-centric flower experts who are able to source any flower you desire and make your flowers look beautiful – all at a very competitive price.”


Flowers for Africa supplies magnificent wedding flowers – or flowers for any special occasion.

We employ talented florists who are able to assist you in planning and artfully arranging your wedding flowers – with the season, your decor and your budget in mind.

Visit us at the warehouse for a wedding flower consultation.


Flowers for Africa supplies flowers for any special occasion.

We employ talented florists who are able to assist you in planning and artfully arranging your special occasion flowers – with the season, your decor and your budget in mind.

  • We can make flowers for your home look fabulous. Flowers for Africa offers a service where if you bring your own vase and we will arrange your hand-picked flowers for you.
  • Make a friend feel really special. Pick your own flowers and we will arrange them for you and present the bouquet attractively wrapped and tied with a ribbon.


Flowers for Africa stocks a lovely range of pot plants, flower accessories and packaging.  We will happily complete your purchases with presentation packaging from our wide-ranging stock.

  • Our pot plants include: Chrysanths | Calandiva | Amarylas | Anthirium | Spathyphylum | Orchids | Yuka | Potted Gerbera |
    Ficus | Chilli Plants | Patio Rose Pots | All types Seasonal plants – Daffodils, Hyacinths, African Violets etc.
  • Our floral accessories include: Oasis | Styrofoam | Ribbons | Wire | Plastic Bowls | Posy Holders | Florist Tape | Floral Gel | Pew Holders | Trays | Raffia | Vases, | Ceramic Pots, | Pearl and Diamante Pins | Cello Sleeves | Tissue Paper


Flowers for Africa

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