Every day,are trucks are loaded with a large variety of fresh cut flowers for our clients to choose from within the Cape Town and the greater Cape Town area. Immediately after the daily auction, our sales staff supply our

Although Flowers For Africa was established in 1994, The Fresh 'Cut' Flowers Market has been in Steenberg for over 25 years and has always welcomed the public.  By 7am, the day's flowers from the farms and market are on

At Flowers for Africa we stock Pot Plants like: Chrysanths Calandwa Amarylas Anthirium Spathyphylum Orchids Yuka Porred Gerbera Ficus Chillie Plants Patio Rose Pots All types Seasonal plants, Daffodils, Myacinths, African Violets...

At Flowers for Africa we stock floral accessories like: Oasis Skyrofoam Ribbons Wire Plastic bowls (all sizes) Posey holders Florist tape Floral gel Pew Holders Trays Raphia Vases & plastic vases Ceramic Pots Pearl

The presentation of flowers is equally important as the choice of flowers for the person and for the occasion. Our wide assortment of imported sleeves, covers events such as Valentine's Day, Mothers's Day, etc. Should you require it,
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