Interesting Flower Facts
Care instructions for cut flowers - 2013-02-12

1.) Fill vase with tap water 2.) Add flower food 3.) Cut about 20 mm off the bottom of the stems at an angle 4.) Remove flower foilaige which would be under water 5.) Keep flowers in a cool place and out of a draught 6.) Top up vase with clean water when required   ... more

Meanings of flowers - 2013-02-12

Alstroemeria  Aspiring Amarllys Pride Asters Contentment Pink Carnations I will never forget you Red Carnations Flashy my heart aches for you White Carnations Remembrance - innocence Yellow Carnations You have dissappointed me ... more

Special Flower Days - 2013-02-07

Valentines day 14 February 2013 Mothers day 12 May 2013 Fathers day 16 June 2013 Womens day 9 August 2013 Spring day 1 September 2013 Secretary day 4 September 2013 Bosses day 16 October 2013 Christmas day 25 December 2013... more

The 10 most popular roses for weddings - 2013-02-07

White Roses Large head (Avalance) White  Medium Rose (White Akito) Cream Rose (Vandella) Cream Rose (Mugade) Peach Rose ( Peach Avalance) Pale Pink Rose (Sweet Akito) Dirty Pink Rose (Dark Hypnose) Beige / buscuit (Hypnose) Burnt orange (Cherry Brandy) Cerise (Wild one, Cherry O)     ... more

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